Mobile catalog management. Key catalog requirements.

There are a lot of different product catalog formats such as a printable one, PDF (its design is analogous to the printable format but can be both easily printed and displayed on the computer), online catalog, HTML.

Mobile catalog management. This article focuses on two product catalog options for mobile devices.

PDF catalog for mobile devices The first one is PDF.
A PROPERLY made PDF catalog can be viewed on any device, even with a small screen.
Two requirements are applied to it:
(Basic PDF catalog format requirements for Iphones and Android phones)
document size is optimized for small screens
fonts are included in the document
PDF-A format is used for a correct visual display on iOS devices

Few companies make such catalogs and the customers have to view catalogs in the Letter format on small screens. It is explained by the fact that creating an additional catalog to your original one is quite troublesome.
But it is not the case if you are using MyBusinessCatalog. By using the program you merely have to select a template designed for the chosen format and get a catalog automatically prepared. Read more about templates for mobile devices.

Catalog for Android
The second suitable option is a special application for your product catalog.
You can upload it on Google Play Market so that your customers could make and place orders right from the catalog.
This catalog format can also be easily created through MyBusinessCatalog.

You can read more about it here

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