Make a catalog for android

Android devices are enormously popular and play a leading role in the market of mobile devices - both smartphones and tablets.
So, the idea of making a product catalog for Android seems quite reasonable.

Your customers and potential customers will always have your current product catalog in their pocket and may make an order at any time.
It is relevant for wholesale activities in the first place but can also be applied to the retail market.

However, most people think that making an own catalog for android is complicated and expensive.
It is if you are making an application from scratch.

Check out how it is done with MyBusinessCatalog.
Just add your goods to the list, attach some photos and the final catalog will be made automatically!
MyBusinessCatalog prepares a catalog for Android and posts it to the website.
Then it is better to upload it on the Google Play Market, as it is the most convenient way for users to download it.

This is a screenshot of the product catalog for Android made automatically by MyBusinessCatalog.
Read more about it by clicking on this link.

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