How to create a catalog
MyBusinessCatalog overview

When the number of the products you are selling or manufacturing exceeds at least a hundred, you may face problems with data structuring.

Absence of product codes is another problem you may face. Products are often just called “Blue dwarf” or “Small dwarf”.
And two types of invisible pink unicorns. It is convenient. Both employees and customers understand it.
But problems may arise when you get your tenth dwarf and fifth unicorn.

So, the problems can be solved by systematization and structuring of the product information.
You may whether use product codes (Ids, SKUs, Arts) of your supplier/manufacturer or introduce your own system/numeration.

MyBusinessCatalog can solve both major tasks such as full systematization of products and information OUTPUT in a convenient form for employees and customers alike.

It means that you as administrator can manage all products, provide an easy access to information in the office and may provide it to your customers in the form of a catalog (PDF, HTML, Android, etc.), price list, video and so on.

It is convenient that you can put all your data from different price lists of your suppliers (or your own sources) into a unified system. As a result of this you will get such a structured list - screenshot.

In order to share information with your customers, you just have to select an appropriate catalog format and click a button!
Besides, every version can be separately adjusted.

Inform your clients properly and boost your sales!
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Create a catalog - structuring product list

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