Catalog maker, business optimization and sales increase
Catalog maker. Business optimization and sales increase

Do you want to hand over or send an electronic product catalog to your customers immediately upon their request? In the form they prefer?
If yes, this article is for you!

Sooner or later every business starts thinking about systematic arrangement of all its products and the perspective of spreading information about them among as many potential customers as possible.

You cannot carry your most amazing shop window to every customer. That’s why you need catalogs.

Let’s focus on electronic catalogs. Generally speaking, an electronic catalog is any document that is not put in black and white, even though a printed catalog is made from the electronic document.

Check it out, MyBusinessCatalog makes catalogs in various formats such as PDF, HTML, ANDROID, Videos for YouTube, PowerPoint, as well as price lists, online shops, price quotes and autonomous electronic catalogs for customers with the order function - electronic order.

The best thing in using MyBusinessCatalog is that all versions of electronic catalogs are made from the same data. It means that you fill in your product information in the program (or just drag it from your price list), while the program automatically makes a catalog including the same products and meeting all your needs.

Sorry, not YOUR needs but of your CUSTOMER. You can give them what they ask for. Whether in black and white or on a USB flash drive, Android or video.

Your loyalty will result in a sales boost and, what is more important, resales increase.

See a detailed description of all catalog versions and select a proper one or just use them all!

Catalog maker - example - one product per page

Catalog maker - example - two products per page

Catalog maker - example - six items per page

Catalog maker - example - 12 products per sheet

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