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Examples of electronic catalog use and creation

Electronic catalogs of goods are used in two ways: by manufacturers/retailers/suppliers for internal use by customers - familiarization with products, orders, catalog printing

MyBusinessCatalog catalog creator combines all the functions into one multi-purpose software suite where any supplier can find opportunities useful for their business.

You as a catalog administrator have access to the following functions:

product range administration
catalog printing at your office (or preparation for commercial printing)
saving as PDF or HTML 5
creation of a media catalog on a USB flash drive or posting to your website for downloading
catalog creation for Android
price list making
creation of price quotes and invoices
making of video catalogs for posting on Youtube
online Order Manager is also available for order processing.

Catalogs can be used by your customers as follows:

PDF, printed copies and HTML catalogs - for familiarization with products.
Interactive media catalogs after the startup from a flash drive or installation of the catalog program - for familiarization with products, order placing and sending, printing of price lists or catalogs.
Android catalogs - for familiarization with products and order sending.

As a result of this you get a complex system for creation, administration and distribution of catalogs in various formats for any situation. All catalog versions have a range of settings and templates, you can configure them in your company style.

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Сatalog creator, example 1

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