Product price list template

Price lists are simple documents with minimum necessary information that can be understood by everybody.

The most common price list is represented by a chart with item numbers, product names and prices. You can draw it up with any spreadsheet application such as MS EXCEL.
Your final variant can be printed or converted to PDF.

Excellent! You’ve got another ordinary price list. You should be either an extremely interested person or an old customer to manage to read it. In addition, there is a 99 percent chance that it will go into the trash at an exhibition.

Once we took part in an international exhibition and showed several related groups of goods such as Christmas trees, artificial flowers and tabletop fountains. We had run out of time to prepare properly, so we ingeniously decided to make price lists for different product groups in different colours - green, yellow and blue. It looked great but faceless at the same time.

Product price list templates
We recommend using MyBusinessCatalog for professional and beautiful price lists.
Management of goods with MyBusinessCatalog is as simple as with Excel but the final result looks much better. You can also add extra information and even thumbnails! In addition, you can change the format in no time without changing the price list contents!

Check out what you can get:

Electric green style, 3 cols. with images

Orchid color, 3 columns with pictures

Lavender mist style with dresses trumbnail

Layout, tangelo style

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