Create a price list template

Accurate management of such trivial documents as price lists can meet your clients’ demand for your product information and considerably increase customer loyalty.

We are speaking about situations where you have a wide range of goods, not just several dozen products.
Usually a price list is an Excel file with the enormous list of items divided into sheets, difficult to handle even for a salesman, not to mention customers.

We offer you a professional software suite - MyBusinessCatalog that can create a price list with various templates.

Organized list of goods
Price list with three columns
Price list with pictures
Mini catalog (or full-size brochure)
Price list with selective groups of goods and listings requested by the client
Converting of price list to PDF
Sending to the client via email
Posting to web-site.
Numerous templates and configuration functions.

Think about the contents but not the lay-out, as the program arranges it to meet your clients’ requirements!

Price list template in grey theme, two columns

Price list template in red theme, two columns

Green theme, 2 columns without images

Price list example, light green color template

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