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A catalogue of goods can be designed and published in various programs. There are sophisticated professional suites and easy and affordable solutions out there. Newbies often use office applications like WORD or EXCEL as their catalogue building software. A catalogue can be saved as PDF, and, if the application does not provide this option, it can be printed through a virtual PDF printer.

Basically, you get a digitized printed catalog; which is what you originally needed.

Well, this approach works great if you have less than 100 items in stock, and the range of the items is pretty much fixed. If you update, delete or add products to the catalogue on a regular basis, creating a catalogue like that turns into a never-ending, labour-consiming process, or the updates are issued not as often as you’d want to issue.

Is there any specific software designed to solve these problems and creates a PDF catalogue with a table of content in the required format?

MyBusinessCatalog is the PDF catalogue software.
You do NOT worry about designing the layout, setting up photographs, adding descriptions, and all the rest, to the catalogue.

You simply maintain an up-to-date list of goods, the way you would do it in an Excel price list. A photo and a description can be added to each item. And at any moment of time, you can obtain a PDF catalogue that includes the latest changes in the list, giving you an opportunity to choose the appearance of your catalogues from dozens of templates.

PDF catalog software layout 9 goods per page
PDF catalog software layout 12 goods per page

PDF catalog software layout 30 goods per page
PDF catalog software layout 6 goods per page

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