Create pricelist

The simplest way to create a pricelist is to use MS Excel or OpenOffice.

But then you may face a little problem - some clients use MS Office, another prefer OpenOffice or Google Docs. As the result, opening of your final pricelist by customers may become troublesome.

Share it with us, how to create a pricelist; how do you cope with the problem in your company?

We offer you to try MyBusinessCatalog.
It is a general purpose program for catalogs of products in different types, including pricelists.

The main idea is that you can:
create a pricelist from your list of goods in every popular format such as PDF
use any appropriate template you choose and
post it to a web site or send it to your client without leaving the program.

Check out how wonderful it looks.
Pricelist with pictures:

brawn color

sage color

blue color

grey color

Pricelist with pictures template >>