Software to create pdf catalogue which is easy to edit
Pdf catalogue creator

A lot of different software are used to create file catalogue, from professional and expensive complex softwares to simple and affordable practically for each user.

New companies usually use MS Office Suite – Excel or Word. But pdf is a standart of a document storage. And if the software doesn’t contain an option of catalogue conversion, there is an option to print out a file on the pdf printer.

To make this process easier we’ve developed MyBusinessCatalog – pdf catalogue creator. It includes a specified interface in which you can browse the list of goods and then edit it. There is also a possibility to complete your list with photos and descriptions of the goods. Pdf catalog software also gives a possibility to gather items in groups. If you need to generate pdf file, an option which helps to forme a catalog for all items, one group of items or only one item will be very useful.

The interface of our software is clear and simple. All you need is just a few mouse clicks – it won’t take a lot of time.

Therefore, you’ll always have a possibility to generate pdf file with your own list of goods. It’s also possible to edit an appearance of the catalog thanks to a dozen of layout constants.

Template - Yellow theme

PDF catalog template  - Purple theme

Catalog template  - 16 items per page, Green style

Template light brown col.

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