How to prepare price list

If you want to prepare a price list, the first application that comes to mind will be MS Excel. Or Google Docs is even better. But in both cases you will get a mere information document that is neither unique nor memorable.

The initial convenient editing comes at a price - your layout of the final document will be difficult to change.

How to prepare a price list in any form and format?
Using MyBusinessCatalog, you will be able to update your price list just as you are used to doing it in Excel and at the same time get a wide range of opportunities of its displaying.

With the same assortment list you can either print or save your PDF price list in any format you wish by using various templates and depending on your intentions.

In order to start work, you only need to drag items with your mouse from the existing price list to the program window and get beautiful and memorable documents right away. Check out the wide range of price lists you can easily get:

light green template

Red template

Pink template

Blue template

Wholesale price list template >>