Group of items setup

Groups settings

To add a new group of items, type the new group name on the «Enter New Group» box and then click the «+» button.
Next, select this group on the list at the left.
The table at the right will display this group’s general settings.
Group name – current name; you can rename groups at any time.
Group icon file – icon to be displayed when the group of items is selected in the Catalog (see below.) If you do not want to use icons, select the option “Do not use…” in the section «Advanced settings». Icon files are stored in the \icons folder in the .BMP or .ICO formats. Double-clicking on this field will open the icon selection dialog. You can select an icon from any folder on your computer; the file will be copied to the appropriate location automatically. The icon size is 16x16 pixels.
Group data file – generated automatically; you can replace the file name with a more adequate word. The name is to be typed in Latin.
Group splash file – a JPG file to be displayed when the group of items is selected. If the file is not specified, the group’s first item’s information will be displayed. Double-clicking on this field will open the splash file selection dialog.
Field name #1-#30 – individual field names for this group, regardless the group’s general settings

Further goes the currency selection field, which defines the currency to be used for pricing this category’s items. By default, the default currency will be used.

To delete a group of items, select the group to be deleted on the left list and then click the «Delete group» button.

Note: All fields are limited to the length of 50 characters.

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